Riverstone Escarpment

As a resident of Cranston, you have the pleasure of living in a community with access to lots of green space, parks and natural areas. It’s one of the reasons that thousands of people have chosen Cranston as their place to call home.

The Cranston escarpment is one of these natural areas that has been preserved in the development of the community. It’s perfectly suited to trail walking, running and sharing with our neighbours. It’s home to many species of wildlife and vegetation. Escarpments are steep slopes or cliffs and are formed either by the erosion of sedimentary rocks or movement along a geological fault.

The escarpment is also an area that needs your help in preserving its beauty. It’s prone to instability, earth failures and destruction if certain behaviours continue to be used.

Erosion and weathering of escarpments occurs over time, changing the appearance and layout of the escarpment. Various levels of erosion can lead to exposed rock and altered landscape. These present safety problems for users and wildlife, and the potential for the escarpment to be permanently damaged.

As a resident, you may have noticed signage along the ridge which highlights dangerous and damaging activities in the natural area. In order to preserve, protect and respect our surrounding community and environment, we’re asking for your assistance in preventing these activities in the future.

Be a great neighbour and practice respectful park behaviour. These trails and natural areas are shared by walkers, runners, cyclists and wildlife.

  • Do not alter the trail or vegetated area in any way. This includes building bike jumps, obstacles or other similar activities. It encourages others to follow suit and causes erosion.
  • Dogs must be on a leash in the green space. The escarpment is not an off-leash area.
    • Per City of Calgary bylaws, dogs must be on-leash in all public spaces in Calgary unless otherwise indicated by a posted sign that the area is an off-leash area.
    • Your nearest off-leash dog area is in Auburn Bay, 55 Auburn Bay Dr. S.E. (fenced).
  • Avoid trail use when the area is soft and muddy.
  • Cyclists yield to all.

If you see people in the area not following these guidelines, please help us preserve the escarpment and contact the police non-emergency number 403-266-1234. Please note that the escarpment is not a public park, but is currently privately owned and maintained by the Cranston community.

Thanks for your help in this matter, to keep the escarpment beautiful for future generations.