Maintenance - Riverstone



Cranston Residents Association provides enhanced maintenance in a number of locations entering and within the Cranston's Riverstone boundaries. Currently maintenance includes the decorative stone walls, entry features, gazebo and two pet waste stations. The maintenance of these areas consists of:

  • Annual Planting & Care
  • Annual Christmas Light Displays
  • Fertilizer & Weed Control
  • Irrigation
  • Utilities
  • Snow Removal (Cranston Avenue hill pathway)

Currently during the winter, the CRA provides snow removal on the Cranston Ave hill pathway and maintains all community garbages in Riverstone. 

Currently during the summer, the CRA maintains:
1) The firestrip along the hill portion of Cranston Ave
2) The medians along the hill portion of Cranston Ave
3) Maintenance of all community garbages in Riverstone
4) Planting and maintenance of the Riverstone entry sign
5) Maintenance of the Riverstone gazebo
6) Maintenance of the two direct control community corners at the intersection of Cranston Ave and Cranbrook Heights / Cranbrook Way

In the summer of 2017, CRA will be taking on maintenance of the following areas:
Phase 62: Firestrip in the Environmental Reserve pathway area
Phase 62: Firestrip along the pathway leading towards the river
Phase 64: Maintenance of the greenspace by the park
Phase 65: Firestrip along the pathway leading to the river, and maintenance of the small courtyard 

More amenities will be available in Riverstone in the years to come as the community is built out. In all, CRA will be providing maintenance to 26 greenspaces total once they have been turned over as the community develops. Stay tuned!