Seasonal Maintenance - Winter

Snow Removal Responsibilities of the Cranston Residents Association include:

  1. Century Hall facility and park (11 Cranarch Rd SE)
  2. Cranston Art Park (South end of Cranarch Rd SE)
  3. Cranston Windmill (Cranston Drive/Cranston Blvd)
  4. Sidewalk of Cranston Avenue, beginning at Century Hall and finishing at the entrance to Riverstone (Cranbook Drive). This area does not belong to CRA and is under contract to Brookfield Residential Properties. 
  5. All Direct Control (DC) corners, located at:
    • Intersection of Cranston Avenue & Cranarch Road
    • Intersection of Cranston Blvd & Cranleigh Drive
    • T-intersection of Cranston Drive & Cranston Blvd (Windmill)
    • T-intersection of Cranleigh Gate & Cranston Drive

Click here for the City of Calgary's snow and ice removal map. All Regional Pathways are the property of the City of Calgary and not the responsibility of the Residents Association to maintain. If you have a snow removal request for a City of Calgary pathway, click here to submit it directly to the City.Alternatively you can call 3-1-1.