Get to know the Century Hall Program Instructors

  • Cranston Connect - Eric Welde

    Eric Welde

    Coach Eric, our Head Instructor, offers skating lessons, hockey development- skills and conditioning, and power skating lessons across Calgary.

    Eric is a certified head instructor through Hockey Canada and is trained in player conditioning, nutrition, first aid and CPR. Eric is also trained in proper sizing and safety of hockey equipment, along with, heat molding and skate sharpening and sizing of hockey and figure skates.

    Eric makes his lessons fun on and off the ice. His students leave the ice with confidence as he works hard to help each person develop strong communication and teamwork skills. He builds great relationships with students and parents alike and strives to bring the best out of everyone at every level.

  • Cranston Connect - Helen Cheung

    Helen Cheung

    Helen is a graduate of McGill University in Science and has been working in the fitness industry since 1994. She is certified with AFLCA in Group Fitness, Aquatic Fitness Resistance training and Older Adults Specialty. Helen is a certified Yoga teacher with Trinity Yoga and is Pilates certified with Physical Mind Institute.

  • Cranston Connect - Lindsay Brandon

    Lindsay Brandon

    Lindsay’s out-going personality brings great enthusiasm into her client’s fitness lifestyle. Lindsay enjoys sharing various worlds of rhythm and dance techniques with both adults and children and teaches Zumba in various locations throughout Calgary. Her choreography changes gradually, allowing participants to learn and commit to moves while still introducing new songs and offering challenging classes for both experienced and beginner participants.

  • Cranston Connect - Michelle MacKenzie

    Michelle MacKenzie

    Michelle began her dance education at the age of three and has trained in virtually all styles of dance, including: ballet, jazz, tap, lyrical, musical theatre, hip hop, and contemporary. She is Royal Academy of Dance trained and exam certified in ballet. She has worked with and trained under Brian Foley of the Associated Dance Arts for Professional Teachers (ADAPT) syllabus. Recently, Michelle has spent two years in University of Calgary’s Program of Dace furthering her training. She is active in the dance community, currently teaching classes to children and adults of all ages, and has earned various awards, scholarships and honors for her choreography.

  • Cranston Connect - Medistat


    MEDISTAT is a leading outsource provider of emergency medical response and automated external defibrillator (AED) programs. They supply large corporations, small businesses and community organizations with Red Cross first aid instruction, and an industry leading package of AED equipment and training. MediStat is dedicated to creating safe environments where people have the tools and skills they need to properly deal with everyday medical emergencies. Their Red Cross certified instructors are professional, engaging speakers with years of experience.

  • Cranston Connect - Pamela Murphy - Sparkle Fitness

    Pamela Murphy - Sparkle Fitness

    Originally from Scotland, Pam is a busy mum of three! In the spare time she has, she loves teaching Zumba classes .”Zumba is my therapy!! It's my escape from my busy life where I am not the mum, wife, cleaner or care taker. I am 'ME'! “ Pam has been an instructor for over two years now in different locations all over Calgary! Every class feels like a party and the energy is amazing! She is a certified Canfitpro Fitness Instructor Specialist and is licenced to teach Zumba® , Zumba Gold™, Zumba Kids™ and the newest addition to the Zumba® family Zumbini™ !  

  • Cranston Connect - Sportball


    Sportball Multi-Sport programs introduce children to the fundamental concepts and skills behind eight popular ball sports. Sportball coaches deliver skills-driven, high energy and fun-filled classes while reinforcing the benefits of teamwork rather than the importance of winning, allowing children to develop socially and physically through a curriculum that helps to develop confidence free from the pressure of competition.

  • Cranston Connect - Truus Verkely -Puddle of Mud

    Truus Verkely -Puddle of Mud

    Focusing on drama, musical theatre, dance and film classes, and supported by a professional team of teachers, choreographers, directors, writers, and film makers, Puddle of Mud Productions has developed unique and innovative methods of teaching the arts. Whether it be, first time thespians as young as 3 years of age, or talented young dancers on their way to a professional career, Puddle of Mud has a program for everyone.

  • Cranston Connect - Will Prince

    Will Prince

    Will Prince started basketball as a five year old boy and instantly fell in love with the game. His love for the sport grew as he went on to play with 30 organized basketball teams, winning numerous mvp's and awards. He went through ten week long camps between the leagues. He also played competitive highschool basketball, placing third in the province on his senior team. Following this, Will added gold for his mens league team to his accomplishments. In the last seven years, Will has been able to give back through volunteering as an assistant coach for junior high, and coaching mens league and recreational tournaments. Will is a phenomenal player, coach, and teacher. His excitement for this sport will inspire many more to start out young, loving a game and learning teamwork just as Will did twenty two years ago.

  • Cranston Connect - Yogatopia


    Laura-Ann Vanderlinde, founder and owner of Yogatopia first started doing Hatha yoga in 2001 when a friend recommend her to try it, to help with her back pain ... after her first class, she was hooked! She continued to develop her knowledge and skills in the world of yoga, trying all types andfound that Iyengar yoga was best for her. After completing the Yoga College of Canada program, Laura-Ann decided to start her own company, Yogatopia. As well as teaching yoga she works part time for Alberta Health Services; and is a wife and mother to two teenagers. What brings Laura-Ann to her yoga mat every day is simple, it makes her feel great!

  • Cranston Connect - Young Rembrandts

    Young Rembrandts

    Drawing is the fundamental skill of the visual arts that can - and should - be learned by all children. Young Rembrandts teaches the drawing skills children need while developing learning skills that give children an academic advantage in the classroom.